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We sell Evergreen and Deciduous landscape trees
retail and wholesale. You can either pick the plants
up here at the farm or we can deliver. Many loads
of trees have been shipped to New Jersey, Long
Island, Nantucket, Connecticut, New York and
many other locations. Our proximity to Interstates
80 and 81 allow for easy access.

All plants are dug fresh when ordered and are
in burlap and wire baskets. During dry periods
the plants are watered prior to and after digging
for ease of digging and to maintain freshness.
Digging begins when the ground thaws around
the end of March and stops when the ground
freezes around Thanksgiving. It does get busy
in the spring so orders are filled in the order
they came in.

*We also sell seedlings. About 20,000 - 30,000 seedlings
are sold each spring. Varieties include Fraser, Canaan,
Concolor and Douglas Fir, Norway and Colorado Blue
Spruce. Sometimes we plant Nordman, Veitch, Korean,
Nikko and Grand Fir and Serbian Spruce. All seed is carefully purchased from dealers that know specifically where the seed has been picked and sometimes from which tree. Genetic information is very important to produce an outstanding example of a tree in the shortest amount of time. Seeds are sown in 4’ X 50’ foot beds and allowed to grow from 3 to 4 years.

We rotate about 6 beds per year. During this period they are carefully weeded, watered, covered with shade cloth to keep the sun and animals out and covered with straw in the winter months to keep them from heaving. At the end they are carefully lifted, separated and sold. Some are transferred to special fields and planted 6” inches apart and allowed to grow on for another 2 to 3 years at which time they are lifted and planted in a prepared field where they will grow on and eventually be harvested for Christmas trees or dug for Landscape plants. These are called transplants and are more densely rooted. Add another 6 years and you have a 7 foot tree.

Prices for seedlings range from 17 - 30 cents each and are around 6-12 inches tall and are usually sold in April. We usually have a limited number of transplants which are sold for 5 dollars each. Best to call for up to date availability and place orders early. We start taking orders for seedlings in January.

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  • Delivery
  • Planting
  • Certified Arborist Consulting and Pruning

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